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USGenWeb Archives - The USGenWeb Project's online data storage

WorldGenWeb - explore the genealogy of other countries


County Office - find government offices in your county

Find A Grave - find the graves of ancestors, oftentimes the entry includes family connections, biographies, obituaries, photos, and more

GNIS - (Geographical Names Information Service) GeoNames defines and locates places for you

Photograph dating - About Parenting's Genealogy category has articles about dating and identifying the people in old photos

This Day In History - view historic events of a specific date

Black Facts - search for Black history information by date, word or category

Professional Document Restoration


Bureau of Land Management - searchable database for land patents

United States Territorial Map - shows formation dates

Color Landform Atlas - find state maps

Library of Congress - Map Collections 1544-1996

University of Texas - historical maps of the United States from the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

University of Virginia - cultural maps in the American Studies Department

About Education - Geography's Map category focuses on maps

Ancestry - Surname facts and distribution maps


Chronicling America - search historic newspapers

DAR Library - Daughters of the American Revolution collection of American genealogical and historical manuscripts and publications

Digital Public Library of America

Google Newspaper Archive - search articles from hundreds of newspapers

Newspaper Abstracts - "Finding Our Ancestors In The News!"

The Olden Times - search historic newspapers

Open Library - read books online

Internet Archive - read books and view record images (such as military census) online

Project Gutenburg - read books online - Books and e-Books


National Archives - search military records from the Revolutionary War through the present

American Revolutionary War

National Park Service - Civil War Soldiers & Sailors

Cornell University Library - look through Civil War documents

1883 Pensioners - listing for each state of information about persons receiving a military pension

Coffelt Database of Vietnam Casualties


GenForum - surname boards

Rootsweb - message boards for people to collaborate on surnames, locations, etc.

Rootsweb - mail list by state/ county/ surname

Matt's Script Archive - WWWBoard is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board


TNG-The Next Generation of Genealogy SitebuildingĀ© ("TNG") is a powerful way to manage and display your family tree on your own website, all without generating any static HTML. Instead, your information is stored in a database and the pages are created on demand. All you need is a website and TNG!  Current version for $32.99

Ancestral Quest - a Basics version is available free, as well as a Full version for $30

Roots Magic - a variety of programs are available, including RootsMagic, PersonalHistorian, FamilyAtlas, and Family Reunion Organizer, plus free trial offers are available

Legacy - their Standard Edition is available to download free, as well as a Deluxe version for $30


Do History - "shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that have survived"

Cyndi's List - an extensive, categorized, and cross-referenced list of genealogical research websites

RootsWeb - a guide to tracing family trees

The Genealogy Spot - a free comprehensive genealogy site

Family Search - a robust genealogical service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Treasure Maps Genealogy - genealogy and family tree how-to help, including Deciphering Old Hand Writing

Family Tree Searcher - enter your ancestor data just once to search for family trees at multiple web sites

Genealogy Search Advice - submit specific requests "for an ancestor and his/her parents," "for an ancestor's siblings," or "for an ancestor's other descendants"

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