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Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Proposed: Dec 12, 2017

Per USGenWeb Project Bylaw XVI, Minnesota (The MNGenWeb Project) is proposing a Bylaw Amendment (below). The proposal is being posted on the Project website, State-Coord Mailing List, and may be forwarded by members to any other Project mailing list as appropriate.

The purpose of the posting at this time is to canvass the membership to acquire additional state sponsors in order to have the proposal placed on the 2018 Election Ballot. Any state wanting to co-sponsor can do so by announcing the sponsorship to an Advisory Board Member and on the USGenWeb-All Mailing List at (eMail: The Advisory Board can be contacted through any of your Advisory Board Regional Reps, or the National Coordinator - , or through Mike Peterson -

Proposed Bylaw Amendment by The MNGenWeb Project on 12 December 2017:

A.The USGenWeb Project logo and a link to the National website will be displayed in the uppermost view when the website main page is opened. The logo and link may be combined. States and Special Projects may require additional logos/links.


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