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Czech (Bohemian & Moravian) Given Names

Alois Louis
Aloisie Louise
Alzbeta Elizabeth
Apolina Pauline
Arnost Ernest

Barbora Barbara
Bedrich Frederick

Cenek Vincent

Emaus Emanuel

Frantisek Francis
Frantiska Frances

Jan John
Jaroslav Jerry
Jerolim Jerry
Jindrich Henry
Jiri George

Karel Charles
Kajetin Guy

Ludvik Louis

Marije Mary/Marie
Matej Matthew
Metedij Matthew
Mikulas Nicholas

Ondrej Andrew

Pavel Paul

Stanislav Stanley

Vaclav James
Vavrinec Lawrence
Vilem William
Vojtech Albert

NOTE: Omitted from this list are the obvious ones such as Josef for Joseph and Jakub for Jacob.

Compiled from several old dictionaries and contributed by Joy Fisher.

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